Effective Selling Techniques

of Engineered, Purpose-built and Capital Products

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"If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first four sharpening the axe."

~Abraham Lincoln

What is an "Engineered" Product?

Engineered and Purpose-built are made-to-order products that meet the specific needs of the customer. This requires the Seller to make a product that is built to a set of specifics and designs that are unique. While items of this nature may be made repeatedly, the initial requirement is the first edition. This book focuses on the initial encounter when the learning the background knowledge for the customer's need is an absolute requirement to secure orders.

"Selling is Selling", Right?

The aspect of selling that requires the persons you deal with need to like and trust you. This is the only constant as each selling situation is always a unique encounter. The product is different, the players are different and the end use is different. Gaining the book of knowledge for each unique situation means doing a lot of studying. "Prepapartion Breeds Success" s all about how and why it is essential to treat everyone and everything differently, which means you need a new set of learned information for each new engagement.

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